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The Guide to Caribbean Homemade Seasonings

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  • By Rohan M
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The Guide to Caribbean Homemade Seasonings

The islanders are known for their array of seasonings, with recipes and ingredients varying from island to island.

The Guide to Caribbean Homemade Seasonings


The secret to mouthwatering Caribbean Food is the seasoning or rather what we call marinade. Fresh and dried spices and herbs are always applied to meats, poultry, and vegetables before and during the cooking process.


Jirie Caribbean is keen on delivering the best of the Caribbean to you and this includes a simple guide on making the main varieties of Caribbean seasoning from your home. This will jazz up your cooking, taking any dish you make from good to lick-the-plate-good. 


As the seasoning recipes we are going to share are common blends, the recipes will vary based on location in the Caribbean and the islanders’ personal preferences. So don’t feel conformed to just the ingredients from our recipes. Now, the big debate is whether to use the wet or dry version of any seasoning but Jirie Caribbean believes in both!! Double the flavor!



Green Seasoning, the West Indian Sauce 

The West Indian islands call it green seasoning because of its color. It is a versatile seasoning and can be found in the refrigerator of most islanders and Caribbean diasporas. This seasoning is unique from other Caribbean seasonings as its flavors can only be truly captured through a wet blend even commercially made. In a base of citrus juice and vinegar, green seasoning includes a variety of vegetables and herbs like scallions, garlic, garden peppers, celery, oregano, thyme, and coriander.


Green seasoning is used for poultry, meat, and fish marinades. It is often added in the final minutes of cooking stews to intensify the fresh aromas and flavors of the seasonings and spices. West Indian green seasoning applies a refreshing, light, and yet bold flavor to whatever it touches. There is no specific measure on how much green seasoning to add to your marinades or stews, it’s all up to you and your preference. You can store this seasoning in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. (Check out the recipe on the link above)



Cuban Mojo Seasoning 

This is the magic of Cuban cuisine! It is the foundation of bright, tangy flavor in Cuban cuisine. Mojo seasoning is applied to meats, poultry, root vegetables, and fish as a marinade. It is a fine blend of herbs and spices such as garlic, cumin, green pepper, onion, and oregano into a citrus juice (orange and lime) and olive oil base. Cubans mainly use mojo seasoning as the main component in a cooking base called sofrito but this citrusy and garlic blend can be added to beans, stews, and tomato-based sauces. Jirie Caribbean also curated a dried version of the Cuba Mojo blend.



Adobo Seasoning

Adobo is a Spanish Caribbean marinade brought over to the Caribbean by Spanish and Portuguese colonizers making voyages across the oceans. The Puerto Rican and the Dominican style of Adobo seasoning/marinade blend includes salt, cumin, garlic, lime juice, oregano, and a variety of other spices. The seasoning blend can be made into a fresh marinade or dry rub. We’ll show you how to make a wet marinade at home but with the dry rub like Jirie’s Adobo Lime Rub you can apply directly onto all proteins, seafood, vegetables, and in secret sauces. The citrus undertones of Adobo seasoning can brighten any dish. It is the easiest of all the seasoning to make.


Adobo Spanish Caribbean Sauce Recipe



Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Where it all started with Jirie Caribbean Jerk Seasoning can be hot, bold, and rugged in comparison to the other seasonings. Its notes are earthy like the ground pits used to jerk poultry and meats originally. Spice lovers rejoice at the mouth-numbing burn of scotch bonnet peppers, pimento, nutmeg, and cloves. Take some time to go through our blog, we’re passionate about the jerk and have dedicated several posts to Jamaican Jerk Seasoning recipes. The Jirie Caribbean blog also includes many posts that incorporate authentic Jamaican jerk flavor in many dishes that you can include in that summer barbeque you’re planning!


Let’s not forget that Jirie Caribbean has carefully blended dried seasonings that can be added to these homemade blends. Double up on the Caribbean flavor on our online store where you can purchase our Mojo, Adobo, and jerk seasoning blends.


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